Where is Comet Leonard

Dec 27 2021. So, where is Comet Leonard?

In the event that we actually get a clear evening, these directions will work for about the next three days.

Look west at about 20h45. You should see a bright Venus very low on the horizon. The next brightest object is Jupiter, at around 45 degrees above and right of Venus. If you take a line between the two, you should see Saturn, about halfway between Venus and Jupiter.

Armed with this stellar information, and using binoculars, take the Venus–Saturn–Jupiter line and draw a line at 90 degrees through Saturn. Go up this line to the left (about the length of the Saturn–Jupiter line). It should be there.

The easier route is to book a tour with Darkskyes, but we’ve given up on ever seeing the sky again. We’re now calling ourselves Cloudyskyes 😤😤

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